About Jennifer Oaks Author & Soul Discovery Helper
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Hi! I'm Geneviève and I live my author journey under the pen name Jennifer Oaks

For me, this name represents the brave girl that lives inside me who's curious and believes she can do anything — walk on fire, manifest her dreams, and live a fun and fulfilling life. Geneviève is the name for my personality, my vehicle, my body. Honestly, I love both for they have their unique gifts and abilities.  

But to make is easier, call me Jen. ;) 

I'm a soul seeker, a minimalist traveller, and sometimes a crazy girl who does courageous things. (Yes, I did walk on fire!) 

I'm the author of the Under the Soul series, (a compilation of inspiring novels about characters who show incredible bravery in overcoming Life's challenges, while discovering their own truths), and I consider myself a Soul-Discovery helper. My bliss comes from sharing my curiosity for Life through my writing, and sharing tips & wisdom on how to craft a life filled with joy and meaning. 

I live in Eastern Canada with my lover and my two beautiful boys. When I'm not writing, I'm learning, exploring, travelling, meeting new friends, and staying true to my daily meditation/yoga practice. (Gotta keep that connection going!)

I've always had a thing for authenticity, raw emotions, the beauty found in hidden places, and the ability to capture the essence of what synchronicity means.

I hope you find what you've been looking for, and a little more...

Whether you have questions or just want to say hello, email me! I'd love to hear from you.

Things people don’t know about Jennifer Oaks
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I moved 30 times in 39 years (Yikes! No wonder I'm looking to grow some roots.);

I actually saw and felt my son a few weeks before I took a pregnancy test. He was telling me he was coming home (the energy I felt holding him was the same I felt in that moment, it was pretty sweet);

One thing I absolutely can’t resist is the smell of my man’s perfume;

Antiques fascinate me… each tell a story worth listening;

I can spend hours getting lost on the internet searching for beautiful pictures of secret dreams I have;

I am an extraverted introvert…(say that 10 times! lol) I like to retrieve to the depts of my writing cave and I can’t ignore the sweet sound of silence or soft music, candles, blankets, and day dreaming, but I also love to be around people with whom I can share a deep connection, teach to or learn from...;

At the age of eight, the seed of my desire to write love stories was planted. Sitting at my desk, staring at a white paper, the vision was born: one day I would write love stories;

I travel a lot but the West and East coats are my favorite. Something special calls me to the ocean;

The hues that colors nature right before the sun rises, still bring me to tears;

When I was young, I used to sit on the porch with my parents. We would simply enjoy looking at lightnings;

My favorite childhood memory is harvesting raspberries with my grandfather before he past away;

I believe the true gift of love is to elevate your spirit in ways nothing else can;

I also believe people can change, people are good, and a brighter future is possible;

I love off-grid landscapes, road trips, minimalist living, floor-to-ceiling windows, the first warm breeze of spring, surfing, and watching movies of Channing Tatum (this man has a little je-ne-sais-quoi that gets me weak inside!);

I make the best cheesecake in the world (and that's an understatement lol...);

I implemented a mindfulness program in a primary school to help children cope with stress, and help them understand how their brain works;

Quantum physics, astrology, and cosmology are a few of the things that drive my curiosity;

I've always dreamed of having long wavy hair, but can't seem to go pass shoulder length!;

I can eat the same thing for days, and I never travel without having access to a kitchen. I love to cook my own meals;

My favorite thing to drink? Holy Basil Tulsi Tea with a drop of honey. A delicious, rejuvenating Ayurvedic tea to help your mind stay clear and your senses relaxed.

Oh, and almost forgot, I'm French Canadian. I do my ultimate best to write and speak with the proper words and intonation, but if you wonder why I mess it up sometimes, then now you know why! ;)



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