The week that pushed me over the edge

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The Universe has a funny way of responding to our requests. Nine months prior, I had made the realisation that I was going to become a writer. The vision was loud and clear. But the path to getting there not so much. When I got back from the little cabin in the woods, I enrolled in the craziest ride ever and joined Nanowrimo for the first time. I wrote a book in 30 days! It took me a few months to recover (I had a full time job, 2 young kids and a new man in my life...). Then came along July 14. I was getting ready to pack my bags and head over to the East coast of Canada for a romantic vacation with my man, when I was struck by lightning. I got laid off on my last day before my trip. Everything was planned and reserved so there was no way we wouldn't be going. So, I decided I wouldn't worry about finding a new job, and would try to indulge in a relaxing time away from home.

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The places we visited were amazing. We met incredible people along the way and discovered hidden gems (cafés, country roads etc.). We took the time to hike, catch up with our lives, and sleep. The view from this artist loft in Kamouraska was breathtaking! While you lay in bed, you can see the lush pastures, the mountains, and the St-Laurence river. I am fortunate to call these lovely homeowners my friends but since it's a long drive away from where I live, I do not get to go there often. Something I hope will change in the future. 

Aside from recharging my batteries, eating the most delicious croissants, and breathing fresh air, I started to think about what would come next. I knew this pause was a gift from the Universe answering my dream of being a writer. I had started to write and make some research. I was taking a Masterclass on writing (with James Patterson), and was determined to make it work... in a few months!

But Life had it otherwise. The right moment was now. 

The feeling was strange. I could see from above knowing this week would be the push over the edge. I was eager to start. 

My takeaway on this experience is that Life happens for you. When you think you are in the middle of a storm, don't resist. The storms are there to bring about the changes you seek. Those changes bring you to your dreams. Don't curse the events happening in your life. Follow the flow.

Jen xo