The origins of my first book series

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December 25, 2017  I had taken more than ten years to write my first manuscript. As it is based on real events, I had to heal from the experience before I could share this story with the world. Changing the names of the characters was not enough. I needed water to run under the bridge, wounds to heal, and scars to no longer hurt before I could revisit this story. I needed to find a way to share this, so it could empower others and create change.

Yes, Miles did exist. It makes me smile now because, for some reason, this man brought me back to my true self. I could never thank him enough, although he would say he didn't do anything. 

From where I am now, I can see the reason behind what might have caused me the most suffering. Alongside the incredible discoveries of myself that I have made, I now know that this event was the origin of my first book series. 

Isn't it strange how an event can break you, and then become a catalyst for change?

Today, I'm sending the manuscript to my editor, and I am beyond excited! It finally ended up being a work of fiction more than a real story, which is something I am proud of. I am blessed to have let it become what it is now. But this is merely the beginning. This first book is an introduction to a world behind our five senses. A place where magic is real, where threats are coming from the inside out and where love is the antidote. 

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The first part of the series is made up of 6 novels, each highlighting the quest for personal discovery. This series is lighter, includes romance, adventures, magic and yes some passionate lovemaking. It is called "UNDER THE SOUL" and is linked to the meaning of the expression "under the skin." These stories are about the changes that happen at the core of us when someone gets under our skin and reaches the depths of our soul, cracking us open and revealing parts we never knew existed.

The second part of the series will contain another 6 novels that, this time, will explore the darker side. Once you discover your soul and aim to follow its voice, you inevitably encounter the resisting force of your ego (jealousy, power, greed, fear, depression, and anger). This part of the series will be called "SOUL SEEKERS."

Challenging times, traumas, and suffering do not need to be lived in vain. We can grow stronger from these harsh experiences and somehow find a way to plant new seeds in those fertile grounds.

Jen xo