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What its like to work with a cover designer

The decision to work with a cover designer came shortly after attempting to create my own covers.

I knew I wanted to come up with covers that would invite readers in while capturing the essence of the story. 

I also needed the covers of my series to look good together, not only as standalone but as a package. 

When I figured that I could only do so much by myself, the search for a designer began.

After a few weeks of research, I started working with a wonderful designer.

My first attempt to create a cover.

My first attempt to create a cover.

Early idea for book one. 

Early idea for book one. 

Unfortunately, I was still struggling to find a voice for my ideas, and we ended up creating something that never saw the light of day. A little discouraged, I looked at my options and decided to get clear on what I wanted and find another designer to work with. 

I ended up looking through Reedsy and sent out a few quote requests. Reedsy allows you to send out five requests and with the answers you receive, you can choose which professional you're going to work with. (I have to say, the process was smooth and very enjoyable!) 

When I found the designer I wanted to work with, our collaboration began. 

I sent her my blurb and described the whole series. I knew I wanted something mystical, and little romantic but not too much. I gave her an idea of words that best represented the vibe I was after and the fact that I wanted to have a concept for the branding of the series. 

She got to work, and a few weeks later, she sent me a bunch of concepts to chose from. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 12.17.04 PM.png

So, I decided which covers I liked best and gave her my insights on which direction I wanted to take. She used that feedback and came back with a concept for the first three books of the series. 

I was delighted! 

She had understood my vision and had brought it to life. I was beyond excited. Finally, I could feel all the hard work pay off. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 12.04.13 PM.png

From there, it was just a matter of tweaking the cover to make it perfect and ready for publication. 

Our collaboration lasted for three months, and it has been a fantastic experience. I couldn't have done it with her and, every day, I am grateful for the beautiful art she has created for me. 

And I'm sure glad I listened to my intuition to change direction. I am loving the covers and am eager to start working on the other books!