Hope you are having a wonderful time enjoying the remaining of our hot summer.

As for me, I did enjoy some time away from home. Like I shared last month, I was heading to the Islands, on the East coast of Canada, to refuel (and do some beach explorations).

I must say that I was served with excellent weather (typically it's not that hot), and some time to reconnect with my soul. 


View from the plane as we were getting ready to land... The colors coming from the sunset were unbelievable. I'm sure glad I was able to catch them. 

This trip has been a total blessing. It came out of the blue and surprised me with more beauty than I have seen in a while. It made me remember the road trip I took on route 1 in California a few years ago. Riding alongside the ocean, with the windows down, feeling the wind brushing throught. 

The islands were so calm. At the end of them, I was able to find multiple places of complete solitude. With nothing more than my heart and my laptop, I traveled to meet up with my muse. And she didn't disappoint. (She sent me great insights and inspiration for book 2! ;) 


The pictures above are a typical representation of what you can find on the Islands... No trees, only endless lands of grass and sometimes, a few houses, here and there, popping from the ground like mushrooms. (That's how they describe it over there.)

The last picture, is the house Gabrielle grew up in. Not for real of course, but in my mind while I was writing the beginning of her story. I had only seen this house in my imagination, so when I went off-road on my first day and saw this beauty on top of the cliff, I knew. And funny enough, this house stands proudly in the middle of the Islands, in Havre-aux-Maisons, exactly where I had envisioned her family to be living. 

And what did I saw behind my rented home for the week? A beautiful horse, just like in the book! If this wasn't a sign from the Universe, I don't know what it was!


During my stay, I would feel the earth shaking anytime she would run back to the barn, hearing her clip-clop from a distance. It was truly magical. Upon my arrival back at the house after a day at the beach, she would greet me with her neigh. I was fortunate enough to earn her trust and get this close-up picture.

What a beauty! 

This trip was needed. More than I knew at the time when I reserved. It allowed me to unwind completely, let go of my addiction to my phone, and recommit to my self-care practices. 

After six days, I was eager to go back home, integrate my learnings, and dive into my work wholeheartedly and with my muse alongside, thriving with joy.


It is no surprise that Gabrielle has a deep attachment to the sea, as I do have a profound love for what it brings into my life. Re-uniting with the arms of the ocean, feeling its power and support, gave me the strength I needed to continue my journey.

I am grateful for the wonders mother nature offers us. What are you grateful for? 

Sometimes it takes a stormy night to appreciate your life

February 9, 2018  A huge snowstorm. Two hours to get home from work, driving 5 miles per hour. That's enough for me to go insane! I don't like to get stuck, and I don't like it when there is too many people around me. I had to act fast. So, I plugged my iPhone and listened to one of my favourite podcast: The School of Greatness.

It made me recall a dream I had to meet and be friends with people I admired. Yup Oprah and Richard Branson amongst others were on that list!

One day, I get this feeling to contact Lewis. He lives in California and since I am going there for a solo road trip, I thought why not try to meet him. He responds! Yay! A few email exchange later, I find myself driving in Los Angeles traffic to be on time for this one chance I have of sneaking a 10 minute conversation with a real dreamer. I had never been this excited in my life. I new deep down I would get there on time, which I did. I ended up spending I think it was at least 30 minutes with Mr. Howes himself. After that, I became addicted to his podcast. 

Fast-forward a few years, and I am here stuck in traffic again (thank God there is no snowstorms in L.A.!!), aiming at my phone for relief, which I got. 

The episode that played was #596 with Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah's favourite guest and outstanding dreamer. If you haven't heard her story, please do check it out because it is beyond inspirational. At 18 years old, pregnant with her fifth child, Tererai buried a paper in the earth where she had written her dreams. Almost 20 years later, all of them came to pass. 

During her interview, she talked about sensuality being the catalyst for change. She shared the importance, as women, to own our sexuality and cultivate our inner strength. Only by doing this, that women all over the world will be able to grow and evolve. I listened carefully because this resonated so much with the message I am inspired to share through the stories in my books. 

When the interview came to a close, I felt my sense of purpose expand to a place it had never been before. I felt elevated in my desires and fully supported in my mission. Supported by her and those who had come before me.

On this stormy night, I looked at my life and felt an immense sense of gratitude for where I was and where I was going. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I am on my way, and that alone feels great. 

What are you grateful for in your life right now? Do you have a mission? A big dream? Wouldn't now be a great time to make a few steps in its direction