Paperback here we come!

First, let me thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic launch. You guys were so fantastic in sending me encouragement, buying a copy and reviewing it online. And thank you for spreading the word with your friends and loved ones. It has been a phenomenal few weeks. Ps. If you won a prize in the giveaway, I'll be sending them over next week. I was waiting for another little surprise to add on to it. (Giveaway is closed.)

In case I haven't gotten around to sharing the news with your directly, know that the paperback version of Treasures of the unseen is ready to be ordered and shipped to you! Yay!

Just go to your online Amazon store and click on the paperback version. - For those who wanted to order directly from me, I'm sorry to say that I've sold out all my books in less than an hour when the box came in last weekend. I won't be ordering anymore soon, so make sure you grab your copy on the Amazon store... Thanks! 


I still can't believe how beautiful and sleek the cover is.

When you're holding the book in your hands, you simply want to nest somewhere comfortable and read until the last page! It is so enjoyable and easy to read. I've received so many comments from readers who found themselves wanting to know more and wanting to dive right into the next book! 

I hear you... I, myself, am also eager to dive in and see what happens next. ;)

You might be surprised to hear that I don't really know what's gonna happen next. As a matter of fact, I don't always decide what I write; usually, the words come to me. I have a brief idea of what the story will be about, but the story itself, and how it wants to be shared, has a mind of its own and doesn't unravel all at once... 

Anyways, I'm super excited to be able to make this version available for you guys, so don't wait any longer and go grab your copy! ;)