story ideas

Where I find inspiration

Long before Pinterest was a thing, I was gathering pictures from magazines, putting them together to create a mood or a vision board. I would gather quotes, images I found inspiring, or goals I wanted to achieve in my life, and I would glue those pictures on the cover of my school agenda. It was the one thing I have always loved and never stopped doing. 

Today, I don't cut magazines anymore, but I stay inspired by the beautiful variety of pictures the internet has to offer, and I create boards. 

I can almost find anything I am looking for. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 12.34.29 PM.png

When I come to Pinterest, I need to find something. I have a craving to look at beautiful pictures and see something that will spark my curiosity and deep emotions. From there, I am off to hours of discoveries.

For example, when I started to research for book two of the Under the soul series, I began to feel drawn to volcanos and lava stones. I had just been talking about going on a trip to Hawaï, and something about it was calling me. So, I searched the web for pictures of volcanos and stones. From there, a whole scene came to me. I then found out about the power of lava rocks and used it to craft the story even further. 

I do this process with almost everything. From one picture to the other, I assemble the elements until I have enough visual cues to sustain the writing of the first draft. 

Once this process is triggered, I will have insights one after the other; in the car, in the shower, or when relaxing in my bed on a Sunday morning. It's as if the doors to creativity are wide open. I can hear characters speak to one another, I can feel their emotions and see what they want to tell me, and they won't stop until I have put the pen down on paper and write their story. 

When I don't hear or feel any inspiration, I let it rest for a while. Usually, after a few days or weeks, or even months, the inspiration comes back with another parcel of their world.