Treasures of the unseen - book one of the Under the soul series

The Under the soul series is set to contain six novels and two novellas.

In book 1 - Treasures of the unseen, we meet Gabrielle, a young woman who's dream is to become a professional dancer.

Her life takes a sharp turn after she shares an undeniable bond with a mysterious man who, despite his fleeting presence, will change Gabrielle's life forever. 

The following books in this series are about the events that unfold as a result of this inevitable encounter.

The Universe is watching. Everything is connected and follows cosmic rules.

The divine spark happens for a reason. You will soon find out why.




“Readers will be glued to the pages and will be begging for more…”

A story about the power of physical attraction and a journey to discover the beauty of letting go.





Love will crack you open. Leaving her hometown, Gabrielle packs her bags and heads to the city to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer like her mother, only to find herself drawn into the webs of a mysterious man who will, unexpectedly, change the course of her life.  

When he makes a heart-breaking decision to pursue his life in another direction and puts an end to their newfound relationship, Gabrielle's world collapse. At the expense of losing her dream, she is forced to undertake the journey to the heart of her pain and find the true meaning of letting go.

Held by the attraction she feels for him, Gabrielle finds herself tangled in the middle of powerful emotions and inner shadows. Drawn to a path back to her spirit, she uncovers one, once carved by her mother's footsteps twenty years ago.

In this quest to find release from suffering and lost, Gabrielle discovers the existence of another world, one that holds Universal truths and a profound connection to our physical experience on Earth called the Unseen.


You still have plenty of things to do here and plenty of games to play. You have more love to feel and more love to give. This world is yours. One day, you’ll grow into a beautiful young woman, and you will amaze the world with who you are. Don’t lose sight of yourself. Keep that spirit close to you and, no matter what, don’t ever let her go. The light from the place you came from is still in your eyes and is ever-prominent inside your heart. And remember, that wherever I am, I’ll always be with you. I’ll forever remain seated by that light in your heart.
— Charlotte, Gabrielle's mother

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Loved it! I couldn’t put it down. When I got to the end, I found myself longing for the next book.

Nothing like I have read before! A quick read that will get you hooked!

Beautifully written. Inspiring. Poetic. A very unique voice.

Do yourself a favour. Read this book. With a warm blanket and a hot chocolate!

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