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For the love of her is a touching story about transformative inner quests, new beginnings, love, and forgiveness.

Author's note: This book is a connected side story to book 1 and 2 (which you must read if you want to finish the series), but it can also be read as a stand-alone book.





This book talks about the pull of our inner calling, waiting for true love, trust & acceptance, awakening & forgiveness.

I cannot hold you in my arms and tell you you’ll be happy with me. This place inside your heart has to belong to something much bigger than your love for me. Promise me you will look after yourself. I have faith in you. Go and don’t look back. Remember, Life has its way. Trust that all is good and remember that I’ll always love you.
— Carlson

Falling in love with the one is sometimes not enough. Anna is a 24-year old yoga teacher who, following the death of her beloved mother, was raised by an overprotective father. Too young to understand or cope with the loss, she finds refuge behind stone walls. 

Carlson Smith is a handsome-and single 30-year old owner of a sailing school in New York. The moment he lays eyes on Anna, he knows she is the one he's been waiting for. Ready to fall in the arms of love, he invites her in. Trapped in the webs of unknown trauma, she is propelled to remain under her father's shield, until she uncovers the stories that led her to this moment. 

With a desire to seek freedom from her old self, she travels to the unseen where she discovers the secrets of what has kept her in the dark. Confronted with the harsh reality of hidden truths, and past wounds, Anna must find the inner strength to let go of what has kept silent, make peace with what happened, and embrace a new life of profound love with a man who waited his whole life to find her.

Unknown magic, unbounded time, and inner calling are at the core of this incredible story. Looking for a reason to change your life? This book is your ticket in.