Behind the seen - book two of the Under the soul series
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In this book, Gabrielle begins to travel to the Unseen and is forced to dive into a journey of self-discovery.

Unprepared for what’s on the other side, she will try to gather all of her courage. Will she be able to fulfill her quest? Save herself as well as the man who needs her?

This story is about the incredible search for true love, and going beyond the edges of the ego.



Love will shed light on your darkest shadows. In the hopes of creating a better life for herself, Gabrielle left Montreal to continue her dancing studies in New York. 

Waiting to find work, she begins to travel to the world beyond our reality, where she meets one of the land-keepers. Intrigued by her presence on the land, he will try to unravel the mysteries surrounding her arrival. But Gabrielle's multiple trips to the unseen world will prove to have heavy consequences on her, as well as on the land and their habitants. 

From the desire to explore this new territory and understand its connection to our world, Gabrielle travels deeper into the unseen. But forced to make the journey back alone, old ghosts come to haunt her. To save the man who has welcomed her as one of his own, she'll have to face her deepest fears. 

When courage is needed, will she find the strength to face her darkest shadows and come back to the physical world without someone to love?

When her new home takes the shape of the arms of a stranger she cannot live with, letting go and surrendering becomes the only way possible. But will she do it?

I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go back to my life. This is what I want. Right here. Right now. With you. I don’t want anything else. In your arms is where I feel alive. Here is where I belong. I can’t go back...
— Gabrielle, Behind the seen