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I'm super excited to offer you the chance to join my amazing review team!

Following my curiosity and my muse is the fuel to my writing, but creating a story worth sharing needs a little more than that. I'm fortunate to have a dedicated team of wizards and fairies to help me craft my ideas into something that goes beyond what I could've ever created myself. (A big shout-out to my super-editor and my awesome book designer. I love you guys so much!) 

But a successful book, one that captures the heart and moves us beyond words, is also created with the help of courageous and raving fans. Reading an advanced copy before it's even published, reading it under sometimes tight deadlines, answering a few questions, recommending it to friends, and providing an honest review is what it's all about. Without your precious help, a book is nothing more than black ink on a piece of paper. You give it life, and invite others on the journey. 

So, you like reading inspiring fiction with a touch of love, twists of magic, adventure, and higher wisdom? If so, you are welcomed to join us!

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