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Might cause a severe addiction to reading.

Many have reported an incapacity to put the book down and a feeling of eagerly longing for the following book, once they’ve reached the end.

Plus, we’re not responsible for the lost of interest in household chores, mundane responsibilities, or other types of pastimes as a result of reading these.

You have been warned.


You’ll get the first three chapters of

Treasures of the Unseen.



You’ll get the first draft chapter (not final) of Behind the seen

SPOILER ALERT - You might want to read book 1 Treasures of the Unseen first.

Affirmation cards

First, I created these affirmation cards to help me on my path to following my soul’s nudges. I use them to get a clear message from the Universe, and they are lovely reminders of the real potential we all have. They give a boost of confidence, help raise your energy and work wonders as a part of any card readings.

Many people have asked me for a picture of the cards they got in a reading, to serve as a reminder, which I always do provide. But then it got me thinking that more people would enjoy using them as well. So, I went ahead and decided to make the deck available for purchase!

The Under the Soul - 1st edition is now available.

The deck contains 32 affirmations with full text on the back. The cards are 3.5” x 3.5” and come in a simple white box for easy storage.

You can buy yours by sending me an email.

Price : $20Cdn ($15US) + shipping.

You can also download part of the deck as a free gift.

Enjoy! ; )

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