The Magicial - Under the soul series



the Magician

My name is Thayer. People come to me because they want to hear my story. Many claim it has changed their lives, made it fuller, more rooted. It seems many people are on the path to finding meaning and understanding these days.

I wasn't. Well, at least not from where I was standing. 

You see, when Destiny appeared before me, I didn't want to follow her. I had enough going on. With the death of my parents and my little sister to take care of, I didn't want another thing to do, another thing to chase. I was 17, and I wanted out, not in. 

This is my story. A journey that lead me through the Himalayas and into the heart of a sacred place, where I got to meet The Magician.

You can sit down. I'll offer you some tea if you want. The night will be long.  

I am asking you... has your life reached a point where you are bored with it? Has it done things to you, you wished it never did? Have you lost someone you loved so much it hurts just thinking about it? And, in the middle of the night, have you asked the infinite for a sign? If so, than this is it. This is your sign.
— Thayer, from The Magician

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