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My books explore the challenges we face on our human quest. 

We search for meaning and purpose while we try to chase our dreams.

From what I've discovered, the answers we are looking for are right inside of us. Trying to harvest them is a whole different story.

To help my readers on this journey of self-awareness, I have created a series of guides and courses. I want to offer you one.

It's called the TECH CLEANSE and it's free! To grab it, click here.


I'm so thrilled that you're here. I'm GeneviΓ¨ve and I write inspirational stories about characters in search of their personal destiny under the pen name (and creative muse) Jennifer Oaks. I also share tools and uplifting solutions with my readers to help them live a better life; with joy, purpose and deeper meaning. My spirit loves to create, so I'm incredibly grateful to share all of this with you, so you can feel empowered and give a beautiful direction to your life.

In order to craft the best experience for you, here's a few options: 

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Hope you'll join me, and my muse, as we create stories, tools and inspiration, we hope, will delight your senses, capture your heart and improve your life.

Let's get you inspired! ;)

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